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Meditation Classes Redcliffe


"I wish I could show you when you are alone and in darkness  the astonishing light of your own being"


I've been practicing meditation for nearly a decade now and I've found a sense of home within myself that I didn't experience prior to practicing meditation daily. That sense of homecoming is something I love to share with the world. 

 I know that at times life can be stress filled. We experience challenges, losses and obstacles that leave us feeling imbalanced. My dharma is to guide others to the Rest and find refuge in the Self. Sharing inspiration, knowledge, meditation and yoga practices that support you to live in alignment with your true Self, all Beings and Nature is my offering. 

Life offer us many opportunities to know our Self. It offers us gifts to hold gratefully, beautiful blessings, opportunities, great friendships, deep connections & magical memories. 

 When we practice meditation we begin to look at everyday life through the lens of Presence and from this space we recognise the beauty and grace that fills this special & purposeful gift of life. 


"Don't you know, we are all just walking each other Home."





200Hr Biomedical Yoga Teacher Training 


330Hr Advanced Diploma of Meditation 


2 year Bachelor Degree of Science (Chemistry) 


Trauma Informed Meditation Intensive Training 


Yoga Nidra Intensive Training 


Shakti Sangha | 8 Week Ancient Womens Course with Seed_of_self



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