Yoga Nidra

A simple meditation, to carry out the month. Chosen purposefully for you.

And so, we come to the final pillar of our Taster Edition of the Ways That Were series. A monthly membership dedicated to slower, gentler living.

Mindful, bespoke meditations delivered as a monthly focus. Crafting nourishing meals and tonics, from abundant, plentiful produce that adorns our seasons. Sowing the seeds of our ally plants, in order to grow a garden full of life, self sustainability and purpose. Making small changes to our lived wakefulness, adding small and intentional steps to minimize our waste, and our footprint.

This final edition is set to carry you through the festive season. This simple meditation can help to bring a sense of restful presence to this time of year.


This month we have a gentle Yoga Nidra practice.

Yoga Nidra is often described as Yogic sleep with Yoga meaning union or enlightenment and Nidra meaning sleep and is a practice I turn to especially at this time of year. In fact this months practice is a soundfile from a Yoga Nidra Workshop I held last year in Dec.

I offer you this file as a window into the Ways that Were workshops and live meditations that will be held in the membership in 2022. I do thank you in advance for your patience as my daughter begins to stir right at the closing of the audio file. Such a situation is definitely an opportunity to accept everything just as it is.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient meditation practice where one is gently guided to rest the body and mind. You are guided through levels of wakefulness to allow the mind to sleep, the body to sleep while remaining present with awareness.

Through practice, Yoga Nidra enables us to access deeper levels of the mind, to instil a sankalpa (heart felt intention), an intention that deeply enriches life, providing meaningfulness and fulfilment;. In Yoga Nidra practice we plant this seed of this intention in practice. (planting a sankalpa)

This concept is something we will extend on in months to come. This month, being one of the busiest times of year collectively, is all the reason to practice Yoga Nidra as an access point to rest deeply in awareness.

The practice offers physical, emotional & mental support. Allowing an individual to let go, relax into the present moment, and allows the natural processes of the mind and body to restore equilibrium and balance to the modern mind, body and life.

I would love to hear your feedback from the practice and the Trial so far. I appreciate each and everyone of you who can take a moment to complete the survey that will be sent out later this year.

I hope to see you all in the membership and if not I hope you enjoyed this trial and sending you all many blessings for the new year. 

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