Restorative Yoga with Daphne


My name is Daphne and I’ve designed a restorative yoga practice to guide you gently from the daily busyness into a calm and tranquil state. This practice will allow the body and mind to move into a deeply integrative state that will nourish the soul.

Across all communities we have experienced many intense experiences and have likely been in an activated stress response for a lot of that time. Practices such as restorative are so beneficial as a healing balm to what ails us. The relaxation response that you experience in the practice increases the alpha wave activity in the brain allowing for the mind to drop into deep integration. The practice also invites you to change your mind patterns and bodily patterns by delving into the practice with the student mind and being open to new ways of being in forms.

Join me for this deeply nourishing practice of one hour and thirty-five minutes long. We begin with grounding and intention setting practices and finish with a generous savasana.

To support your practice you will need some props or items from around the home. I would suggest:

  • 2 bolsters/couch cushions
  • 2 blocks
  • 5 blankets (2 minimum)


  • A chair
  • A blanket for warmth/covering you
  • Eye pillows
  • Sandbags
  • Tea/Water and a snack for after.

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