Open Heart & Open Nature Meditation

There is so much in the forefront of our collective experience at present and I would like to gently remind everyone including myself that these are the times when practicing and finding our seat of awareness is most important. Therefore this month we continue our Compassion focus in our Meditation and in our wakeful experience. 

We begin to invite our self compassion to grow and expand out into the world as we consider how helpful it is to remember our common desires. This month we speak to setting the space for meditation and Ayurvedic remedies for supporting meditation this season. We will be speaking to this more in our next live Meditation class. 


We all want to be happy.

Everyone we meet and everyone we know wants to be happy. 

Everyone wants to be loved. 

There is no one who does not want love. 

Deep down, we all want to be loved. 

And deep down, we all want to feel connected. 

To feel connected with each other, with our community, and with all beings.

 We all want the same thing. 

Open Eyed Practice: 

Take time to noticing any judgments that you have of yourself. Criticisms or condemnations of yourself.  

And seeing if we can soften those judgements or simply let them go.

Noticing any judgments that we have of others. Sharp criticisms. Condemnation. 

Can you soften those judgments? 

Self Recitation/ Prayer:  

Breathing in, cherishing myself. 

Breathing out, cherishing others.

Breathing in, cherishing myself. 

Breathing out, cherishing others. 

Breathing in, cherishing myself.

Breathing out, cherishing others. 

Music: I Love You    and.   Thank you 

Listen:  Podcast: Tara Brach Loving Ourselves into Healing Part 1 + 2 

Playlist for the month: Ways that Were Playlist 

Many Blessings, 

X Harmony

Watch Live Recording Here 

Community Meditation And Wisdom Chats  with Harmony: 
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