Morning Meditation – Restore, Reserve & Rest

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From time to time we all become lost in our own thoughts and narratives. There are times when we feel more turbulent and unstable than we would like to admit. For myself at present,  I can feel the need for a reframing of mind and a new commitment to inner peace through practice and wise living. 

This month is all about getting real with our own inner environment and the nature of finding rest in the mind and in life. We will be meeting every week this month to practice foundational meditation. Each session will consist of a combination of the following: A reading/ Mantra, Meditation + Pranayama and Wisdom Chat. 


“There is calmness here.”

“When the mind is calm- you are at peace. When the mind is not calm- you are not at peace. You are experiencing the state of your mind.”

Books:  The Untethered Soul 


“If you look into the calmness of the still water you will see the reflection of yourself.” 

Journal Prompts:

Am I taking good care of myself? 

How can I take better care of myself? 

What do I need to do for myself to cultivate more balance? 

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