Mid Morning Yoga Nidra

Meditation:  Yoga Nidra Practice 

We will introduce the art of Yoga Nidra in depth next month however we will begin the practice of enlightened sleep before going into the deep teachings. For now, please know this is the only meditation practice were we lay on our back to practice. 

You will need a blanket of yoga mat to lay on, a pillow under your back or shoulders if you feel tight in these areas and a light piece of cloth for your eyes if practicing during the day. To avoid the temptation and creating samskaras (impressions or patterns) where you drift to sleep try to practice before the sun goes down. 

Music:  Yoga Nidra Playlist

Listen:  Podcast: Yoga Nidra + Rod Stryker 

Playlist for the monthWays that Were Playlist 

Traditionally, Yoga Nidra is considered to be equal to the higher stages of

samadhi, a state during in which activity of the mind is completely suspended. In

Yoga Nidra neither thoughts nor images are present, and the practitioner

experiences conscious, deep, dreamless sleep, possessing awareness of the

surroundings––without either thinking about or interacting with them.

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