Metta Meditation

As a continuation of our journey into compassion and kinship this quarter, we will begin this brand new year with a powerful – yet simple – meditation on Metta Bharvana or Compassion Meditation.

This meditation will reflect the compassion focus we bring into our new year. Remembering, the Metta prayer:

“May I be healthy, May I  be happy, May my life be truly blessed..”


“May you be happy. May you be healthy and may your whole life be truly blessed.”

In honouring this Metta prayer, I ask you to begin your day with a self compassion meditation. You don;t have to begin the day like this but be sure to set aside time to practice over the next couple of months. It may be the most impactful 20 minutes of your day – and for those new to meditation, I would love to hear your experience with this powerful mindfulness exercise. Did you find it challenging? Empowering? Emotional? Or did it set the tone for the rest of your day? Let me know your experience of meditation, remembering not to attach to a story about good or bad, simply observe the sensations that arise.  

Self Compassion Meditation 20 Mins per day

Open Eyed Practice:

Stand in front of a mirror, a reflection or into your camera, say to yourself each and every morning:

“I’m glad you’re here”

Loving Phrases:

Phrases to practice speaking to someone in your life you love. Try to insert these compassionate phrases into your conversations with others and see how it feels:

“I take joy in your happiness/ presence/ or vibrancy”

“You’re perfect just as you are” or “You know, I think you’re just amazing as you are” 

“how wonderful you are in your being” or “ you’re so beautiful to be around”

How do you feel hearing these phrases? 

How do you feel saying them to the person receiving them?

There is no correct answer here, every individual will have their own experience. Each experience is okay just as it is. 

Ask your loved ones how they felt, receiving such powerful Words of Affirmation. Those whose love language is speech, may feel seen or validated. Those whose love speaks differently may be caught unawares, the words perhaps causing a moment of connection and emotion when spoken out loud.

Never forget – these gifts of love and proclamation will resonate far more deeply when spoken to the self in the first instance.

I can’t wait to hear how your words felt, how they moved, the love they held. Please take the time to reach out if you have any questions and share if you are comfortable.

Xx Harmony

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