Grace and Self Compassion Meditation

Breathing in, I am calm. 

Breathing out, I am safe.

This month we continue to cultivate a felt  sense of compassion within our daily experience by focusing on Self compassion meditation this month. When you come to practice every day it is helpful to consider practicing at the same time each day. It is considered the best time meditate before you eat and in the early hours of the morning when qualities of ease and peace are easily accessed. 

Setting a routine around meditation practice is something that will be spoken to in our next live Meditation class. 

Metta Prayer for this month: 

Thank you. May I be well, may I be happy, may I be filled with deep compassion. 

Thank you. May you be well, may you be happy, may you be filled with deep compassion

Thank you. May all be well, May all be happy, may all be filled with deep compassion. 


Every human being is longing for something. 

That keeps reminding us there is something more to life than the surface of things. 

If we don’t know what we really are. If we are filling our sense of self with more identity we sense to our core our own in authenticity. 

“I don’t like myself, I have bad self esteem” 

The wound of disconnection is one we try to fulfil with money, prestige, work and all the things we pretend to be. But until we connect to our presence we are disconnected from our authentic self. 

When we practice meditation and spiritual practice we are seeking to gain insight into our Self. 

We live in the dream of our own beliefs and opinions. We become trapped in a world of dreams that we live in our

 minds. Where we really live is in our head. The mind is disconnected from life and the experience of our true self. 

When we look under the veil of our mind and our thoughts. We see what is looking at my thoughts. 

What is there before all of that stuff? 

There is a gap. A space of silence and stillness. 

Open Eyed Practice:

Before bed or in your evening wind down routine reflect on the day that passed. Watch your day from beginning to end.. but… through the eyes of someone who loves you dearly. This could be a pet, a family member, an old friend- someone you feel safe and supported with. Watch you and your day through their compassionate eyes. 

How would that person look at you, smile at you, support you? What words of encouragement would they give you as you go about your life? How do you see yourself through their eyes? 

It doesn’t have to be a long practice. Just a simple reflection seeing yourself through the lens of a compassionate other. 

Read: Adyashanti ‘Falling into Grace’  

Listen:  Podcast: Falling into Grace 

Playlist for the month: Ways that Were Playlist 

Many Blessings, 

X Harmony 

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