Self Sustainability with Ayurvedic seasonal living

Self Sustainability & Self Soothing 

with Deni from Soma Vidya 

This month we dive into something a little different in our Low Waste Pillar. This month we dive into the concept of Self sustainability and not in the sense of making sustainable choices that allow us to rely less on conventional food and market sources but in a way of creating practices  and movements in our daily life that allow us to remain in connection with our True Self, with others and in connection with nature.

Ayurvedic Living + Ojas Building Tonic +  Cultivating an Evening Routine


Ayurveda and Evening routines with Deni from @Soma_vidya

Hear from Ayurvedic consultant and Authentic Yoga teacher Deni from Soma Vidya about the importance of an evening routine ratricharya (night routine) and learn how to make an ojas-building drink to restore vital energy and fill your cup up from the inside out. 

Deni and I discuss ways to support yourself by developing an evening routine following the guidelines of Ayurveda. She offers some really helpful and simple self care tips. 

Deni has generously given us a detailed recipe and guide to Ayurveda linked below. 

I would love to hear your feedback on this lesson & if you would like to continue learning with Deni please follow her on instagram @soma_vidya and you can find her facebook and website detailshere. 

विद्या | Vidyā  | Knowledge 

Ojas Tonic Recipe.pdf

A Guide to Ayurveda.pdf

Climate Awareness 

This month I would like to extend some climate awareness for anyone wanting to know more about the current IPCC Report that was released this week. It is important to check in with yourself and listen to whether or not any more information and potential troubling news would be supportive to your best interests right now? 

Remember to take a smooth breath in a long breath before deciding. 

*Invitation to Pause* 

If you are feeling up to more information than please watch the Climate Councils Special Briefing on:  What you need to know about the latest IPCC report. 

Event Details: 

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) takes a harrowing look at the latest science on climate change – what impacts are already locked in, which communities and ecosystems are most vulnerable, and what the world must do to adapt to a rapidly changing climate and protect the lives and landscapes we hold most dear.

Understand what this means for Australians, and highlight the scale and pace of urgent action required to tackle the climate crisis. 

Strategies for coping with eco-anxiety, looking after your mental health, and what you can do to propel Australia towards bold, effective climate action.

Watch Here:

Joining the panel will be :

+ Professor Brendan Mackey, Director, Griffith Climate Action Beacon, Griffith University and co-author of the Australasian chapter from the IPCC WG2 report

+ Yessie Mosby, Traditional Owner and Organiser, 350 Australia

+ Dr Kate Charlesworth, Councillor and expert on environmentally sustainable healthcare, Climate Council of Australia

+ Amanda McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer, Climate Council of Australia

X Harmony 

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