Detoxifying Dandelion Elixir

In the kitchen this month

This month is a really simple recipe offering, a drink that I always have in my fridge as an earthy, grounding drink to sip on in the morning as a liver tonic. It serves as a beautiful coffee replacement as the roasted dandelion mimics that roasted coffee flavour. 

I learnt this recipe from a Naturopath in a permaculture workshop and It”s one that has become a Sunday ritual to prepare for the week ahead. 

Detoxing Dandelion Elixer

Infuse in a jug of hot water or over a pot of water: 

1 Tbsp Roasted Dandelion

3 Slithers of cut Fresh ginger  

2 Whole Star Anise 

2-3 Cardamon Pods 

3-4 Pepper Corns 

2-3 Cups pf filtered water 

Let all herbs infuse for 15mins in the  hot water or bring to a boil , then turn off the heat and let sit for as long as you like. Tip the mixture into a glass bottle and once warm to touch add your preferred amount of raw honey and your milk of choice. Coconut, soy or nut milk preferred.  Store in the fridge for up to 2-3 weeks. Add to a pot to warm in the mornings or simply add hot water and enjoy. You can also enjoy this drink cold on a summers day. 

Enjoy x 

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