Giving back to support local communities & local ecology is an important part of the Finding Harmony Project. My late Nan said it perfectly when she whispered her secret that I believe made her the most loving woman to be around 
'It's not give and take. It's give and give'. 
In honour of her memory and the energy of generosity within each of us
We are currently donating to:

Bush Heritage Australia

Give Back

Finding Harmony is a proud supporter or Bush Heritage Australia. BHA is dedicated to protecting our irreplaceable Australian landscapes and magnificent native species for generations to come. Together we can help safeguard the landscapes that make Australia so special. Our country is home to birds so rare they’re hardly seen, let alone photographed; frogs that can lie dormant for years underground, waiting for rain; and marsupials small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
Thanks to the support in the last two decades Bush Heritage have been able to buy and manage a growing network of reserves around the country.

Thank you!

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