Lemon Myrtle Plant Ally

Plant Ally

Common Name: Lemon Myrtle (Sweet Verbena)

Scientific Name:  Backhousia citriodora

Season: Year round

Applications and features 

  1. Utilized by Indigenous Australians in both culinary and medicinal applications. The Indigenous Peoples would crush the leaves and inhale the scent, to treat headaches and other ailments.
  2. Boasts the highest citral concentration of all citrus plants, being a favourite to use in essential oils.
  3. In cooking, it is often used in Chicken and Seafood dishes and fermented drinks like Kombucha.
  4. Spiritually, Lemon Myrtle tea is used for divination and intuitive purposes.

Aligned with spiritual refresh and rejuvenation, this plant is a perfect Ally for the Ways That Were, as we move toward the season of Autumn. What better way to invite steadfast clarity and uplift the expressions of self – than by utilizing our very own spiritual cleanser?

Lemon Myrtle has been described as a ‘happy scent’ – alleviating any mental sluggishness and enhancing our immediate environment with its purity and flavourful, plentiful applications.

Both antifungal and antibacterial, Lemon Myrtle provides an injection of livelihood to our daily lived experience.

As we set our intentions to move into Autumn and return to work and school, Lemon Myrtle is suitably matched to provide a clean slate, set a positive mindset and protect our health and emotional energy.Living through La Nina, we also reach for Lemon Myrtle for its natural insect repellent properties.

Finding & Harnessing

How do we attain the plentiful Lemon Myrtle? Due to its wide availability, it can either be grown from seed, purchased as a seedling from a local nursery, foraged in the wild or purchased pre-dried and prepared from health food stores.

Though it can grow up to 8m, it can be grown in small pots in the home garden. 

The Queen of the ‘bushfood’ industry – I encourage you to reach out to an Indigenous Elder to learn of its cultivation, usage and benefits.

Its white aromatic flowers bloom in November and December.


There is no doubt Lemon Myrtle is – and has been – favoured for its many uses and benefits – including the psychological applications. In an excerpt from Robbie Zeck’s book he states; 

“Lemon Myrtle helps you to move away from self-doubt. Driving ourselves unconscious by thinking.” 

Self-doubt – when applied to our intention of compassion and kinship – manifests as self-compassion. It’s a beautiful way to demonstrate kinship with others, by allowing them to voice their doubts and drive the conversation back inward, to being compassionate to the self. 

Physiologically, Lemon Myrtle is also incredibly important. In Salvatore Battaglia’s Book, he states:

 “Lemon myrtle is the oil of choice when you need to feel uplifted and rejuvenated.” 

Do you have a favourite way to work with Lemon Myrtle? Why not share online, don’t forget to use @waysthatwere 

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