Winter Tips and Warming Breakfast


Imagine a perfectly placed seed, laying dormant under the soil. The seed seems damp, immobile and the surroundings oppressive and dark; but when we peel away the layers protecting this precious new life, we see a new perspective.

The seed is harnessing it’s resources. Conserving its energy.

Building up its structural integrity. Preparing for the right moment, preparing to bloom.

Rather than seeing this stage as a dormancy, or a time of nothingness, see this poignant pause for what it actually is. Harnessing. Conserving. Building. Preparing.

You are the seed, this is your time to take stock of your potential and contemplate, meditate, reflect, and nourish your body with warming foods.

By becoming parallel with nature, we are attuning ourselves to the changes in our environment. The seasonal ebb and flow of light and dark, warmth and cool. Different seasons cultivate different needs; we must follow Mother Nature for balance and peace.

 Inject love and intention into every action.

Be parallel in nature’s path for rest, restoration and slowing.

There is an inherent tendency to push against the slowing pace and maintain the same high energy we naturally have in the warmer seasons. In cooler months, it’s important to touch on the aspect of nourishing practices as the solution to imbalance, and issues of the mind and body.

Tips to nourish body, mind and spirit this Winter.

  • Lean into the warmth.
  • Enshroud yourself in your snuggliest chunky knit.
  • Wear Warm socks on your feet always.
  • Enjoy fragrant steam misting your windows as you prepare your herbal tea on a frosty morning.
  • Journaling.
  • Lighting a candle.
  • Sharing a fire. 

Here is a perfect, warm Ayurvedic winter breakfast recipe for you to begin your day

Warming spiced quinoa & stewed fruit

1/2 cup quinoa

2 green apples cut and diced

2 pears cut and diced

1 Cinnamon stick

Sprinkle of powdered spices ½ | cardamom, ginger, a kiss of black pepper

Add ½- 1cup of Water depending on the size of the fruit. Remember the juice from the fruit will become a part of the liquid.

Cook in a pressure cooker for 5 mins or on the stove top.

Serve with a splash of Bonsoy or Milk of your choice and enjoy.

Enjoy the process of slowing down, set your intention as the harnessing seed and nurture yourself this winter.



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