Life Update 🌸

I’ve taken some time away from social media and posting online. It has been a real breath of fresh air as a teacher, a mother and as a creator.

Let me dive a little deeper into my current thoughts & feelings and the reasons why I’ve decided to take some time off.

There are moments in life that call for closer introspection, attention and a sacred pause.

For me this inner call started to sing early last year. I could sense for a long while that I needed some time off to absorb all the things I loved to share with others. Instead of sharing what lights me up with others I needed to keep those moments to have for myself & to enjoy my life in silent adoration. It was the call I’d been ignoring for so long. The call that was asking me to be still and silent more often. To meditate more, to go on meditation retreat, to travel and dive more fully into committed spiritual life, to take spirituality and spiritual connection seriously.

As airy fairy as that sounds it has been less than ‘idealistic’ and it has truly taken a month of ‘getting things in order’ in my own personal life and relationships to get to a point now where I feel like there is space for a sabbatical now. I have a family of three small children who require a lot of my energy and attention,I have a husband who needs me, dogs who need me, businesses that need organising and managing, my own needs and dreams, a household with gardens and an endless load of washing to tackle everyday.

So I’ve spent the past 4 weeks helping my children, working on my parenting, developing a study routine, building meaning in relationships, organising new systems and rhythms into modern daily life so that now, all of those working are falling into place. And from all of that I feel more than ever, this is an opportunity and season in my life that calls to take pause and retreat into modern meditative living.

I’m well aware that I am turning thirty this year and as cliche as it is, it does feel like a pivotal year in growth. Personal inquiry arises in the form of wondering “Who do I want to be in this world?” “How can I be more fully True?” “Do I hold myself in love and respect?” “How can I be of greater service to others?” “What do I need to do to help the Earth and fight impactfully for social and environmental justice?” “Am I in service of my Spirit?” “What am I avoiding?” “What needs unearthing?”

Everything seems to be moving more and more inward at the moment and with the guidance of spiritual teachers, mother nature, my children and life itself, I look forward to this sacred pause. I also look forward to my return to regular community posting online when the time feels right again. In a way that feels aligned.

I will begin steering the Ways That Were membership towards a more intentional and educational community space as we move into this next quarter with new meditation teachers, speakers, exiting workshop holders and modern day mystics doing life a little differently than most.. I have decided that I will host more in depth, education, focused workshops in the membership that will be able to stand alone in their own right and also offer you more value by creating the membership as a place you come to deep dive into courses that enrich your modern life with traditional ways of living.

I pray that this finds you well and that it may resonate with your heart if you feel so inclined to take a pause or to listen to an inner yearning of your own..

Let us welcome different seasons, new changes and letting some things stay the same.

Sending love x


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