Welcome to this space.
I am Harmony. Mother, woman, teacher of yoga and meditation, gardener, foodie and lover of all things green and living. 
Like the definition above, it is my life’s purpose to embody connected, meaningful and intentional living, both internally in body and mind and externally, in the household and environment.

Aligning myself with consistent, sustainable and present practice to inspire and propagate impactful change - both locally and globally - is a lifestyle, not a phase.
Our world has become chaotic, our lives a constant stream of stimulus and our time is more precious than ever. Through my guided meditation and yoga offerings, I am recalibrating the pace both within yourself and your household, generating a sense of ease, beingness and peace in your everyday, lived experience. 

Realising we are the cultivators and growers of the future it is up to us to use restorative and regenerative action to learn from our biome and from our fauna and flora.

I hope to remind you that,

This life is a blessing,
each moment is a gift. 

Join me in creating Harmony in your own being 

 “the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”



Thank you!

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