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This mini meditation is a guided practice to help restore vital ease to the breath and body. It is less about the words in this meditation and more about learning to be with yourself and create space for practice.
These are the ideas, concepts and un-learnings we explore in my online meditation course “Balancing the Modern Mind” December this year. 

Free meditation for restoring vital ease

meditation course participant

"Just a thank you. I don’t think it was a coincidence that your course started on
the first day of my stress leave from work. You have given me some tools and the
interest to keep on learning and practicing."

meditation course participant

"This is such a wonderful course. Harmony takes participants through a number of meditation techniques which allow me to try them out and see which works best for me. Harmony is clearly very passionate about what she does, and is
eager to share her learnings with you. I would absolutely recommend this course.

meditation course participant

"Hey beautiful lady! Wow this was amazing! You showed your true knowledge through this course, and how you truly live by meditation. You speak so well, with your meditative voice, your ability to articulate what your teaching and ur
knowledge you shared with us all was incredible. Thank you. I’m excited to go back to the start and re watch and re learn, as sometime I think we miss things right! I highly recommend to the beginner who wants to learn meditation and more about spiritual awareness! Thanks again xoxox "

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